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Established since 2000,  over 10 years experience in the field of manufacturing and trading equipment,  HaNoi Industrial services & Trading co.,Ltd-Hanise (acronym in English) is always closely, understand and share.Share with the customer to satisfy our customers with cost-effective products and offers most Vietnamese. Since then, Hanise get very valuable experience, combined with continuous improvement efforts, offering millions of products with high standards, built a reputation and trust from customers for products by Hanise offer.
 So far, Hanise offers many products like Gearbox, hydraulic cylinders, Motor power, cooling safes, ... Roller kiln for cement plants, Steel, Paper Factory, Mining, Hydroelectric ... and especially the key projects national significance, is the foreign customers like Get Japan, South Korea. China water reliability. To achieve that, Hanise always insisted the motto: "See the customer is his benefactor, win customers with prestige and quality, giving customers the highest satisfaction".
 Hanise is a supplier & distributor of professional, equipment & spare parts are always available in the warehouse, so the warranty is done quickly, conveniently and responsibly so as not to affect production activities customer business. Product ratio to annual maintenance compared with the amount of product sold very little. 
Meanwhile, Hanise now being a memeber of international alliance -HESSA (Heat Exchanger Supplier&Services Alliance), and  special concentrating  on the PHE prodcuts  in Vietnam. With our professional experience , we are confident that we can provide high quality proudcts and services to our customers. 

Come to Hanise your customers will receive high-quality products, reasonable prices and perfect service!